See My Feelings Mirror (Set of 4)

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See My Feelings Mirror is a child-friendly mirror and interactive tool that helps children learn to recognise and identify different emotions in themselves and others.

This boosts their social-emotional learning and self-emotional awareness. This child-safe mirror comes with six slide-in photos of real children expressing real emotions.


  • Help children observe and learn to identify emotions in themselves and others using the mirror and six slide-in photos of real children expressing real emotions: happiness, surprise, fear, sadness, silliness and anger.

  • Mirror helps children see and name their emotions by seeing their own expressions and the model’s expression.

  • Mirrors come in four bright colours and feature a chunky, easy-grip handle.

  • Mirror is made from high quality, durable, child-friendly glass.

  • Includes a Getting Started guide with four activities and easy-to-identify emojis.

  • Each mirror measures approximately 20 cm H x 10cm W.

  • Features multilingual packaging and guide.