Sam and Sue Call 112, Grandad’s Medical Emergency

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Sam and Sue Call 112 Grandad's Medical Emergency

The second book in the series sees Sam and Sue having to call for an ambulance as Grandad becomes ill while

they are visiting with him.  Through this colourful and engaging story children learn how to call for an ambulance, find

out what questions they will be asked by the operator, and, the importance of knowing their Eircode.


There are currently four books available in the series.  They are beautifully illustrated and through fun and engaging stories a subtle safety message is contained.

The books also feature a discussion points and tips section so that parents/guardians and teachers can interact with the children to discuss the story further.

The books are aimed at children between the ages of 3 to 7 years old


This series of engaging children's books has been developed by Health and Safety Publications Ltd., and written by

Educational Child Psychologist, Ann Linehan.  It offers busy parents, guardians and teachers a resource which

aims to develop safety awareness in young children on various topics.  The series is aimed at children

aged between 3 to 7 years old and contains a discussion and tips section for further interaction.

The series is an ongoing process and the complete series will have sixteen books in total, including Farm Safety,

Water Safety, Road Safety, Home Safety, and many more.  Why not start your Sam and Sue collection today !!