Jumbo Sand Timer (2-Minute)


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This colourful Jumbo Sand Timer is ideal for use in the classroom or at home to give children a visual representation of passing time. It’s oversized and sturdy, making it great for little hands. The rubber endcaps give the timer greater durability and allow for quiet pausing of the timer. The mesmerising motion of the colourful green sand is ideal for a calm-down area in the classroom or at home. \n \n  \n \nThe perfect addition to timed activities, see 2 minutes go by with the Jumbo Sand Timer. \n
    • Great for showing the passing of approximately 2 minutes. (Please note the Jumbo Sand Timer is not a precision time device, so there is a time deviation.)

    • The jumbo proportions and colourful green sand particles offer a fun, visual way for children to see passing time when doing a task such as brushing their teeth for 2 minutes.

    • The squared-off rubber endcaps provide increased durability and allow for quiet pausing of the timer.

    • Easy to use and pause.

    • Measures approximately 18cm H x 8cm W.

    • Features multilingual packaging.