Home Visual Schedule - Digital Resource

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Prepare your children, students or loved ones for the day ahead with this home visual schedule.


Days can be long and complicated for children of all abilities to understand, especially now when they cannot get out and about. This digital resource can be downloaded, printed, laminated and cut so that the pictures provided can be used to make your own daily schedule. We like to attach some velcro to the schedule card and to the back to the images so that as each task is completed it can be removed and those following the schedule will know exactly what is coming next. As a result, this schedule can be changed daily and built around your household routines.

Perfect for young children, children with ASD, or children who struggle with literacy and need the images to help.

A very effective all-around tool.


This is a downloadable digital resource and also included in the 'Teaching Personal Skills to Children with ASD' bundle.

These resources were created by Jessie; a Special Education Teacher who has worked in the field of Autism Education for almost 9 years. Jessie has taught children with autism from 2 to 18 years of age. She has worked with both verbal and non-verbal children, those with intellectual disabilities, ADHD, anxiety and complex challenging behaviours. Jessie’s resources are tried and tested in her own classroom.