Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart


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Every day students enter the classroom feeling differently. The Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart is an innovative way for children to identify and express feelings to their teachers in a safe way. The chart is ideal for social emotional learning (SEL) and helps children cultivate two aspects of SEL, self-awareness and social awareness. \n \nWith the Express Your Feelings Pocket Chart, students are encouraged to identify their feelings and share them with their teacher in a safe way. 
    • The chart comes with 30 people craft sticks to personalise for each child in a class, 5 emotions cards and 5 feelings scale cards.

    • Children place their craft stick in the pocket that matches the closest to how they’re feeling.

    • This Pocket Chart helps with two aspects of social emotional development – cultivating self-awareness and social awareness.

    • Set includes 1 Pocket Chart with 20 pockets, 30 people craft sticks, 12 unique emotion cards, 5 feelings scale cards ranging from “I’m great!” to “I’d like to talk”, 5 write and wipe cards for custom charts, 5 cards for organising the students’ craft sticks, and a multilingual Getting Started guide.

    • Chart measures 74cm H x 56cm W.