COVID Social Story & Going for a COVID Test - Digital Resource


What is the Coronavirus?
Covid can be a very difficult topic to explain to children especially young children and those with ASD.

These free downloadable resources go through 'What to do if I get Covid-19' and 'Going for a Covid Test' which describes the process of the test, results and follow up to the virus.

Also included is a PDF with pictures outlining what the symptoms are and how they feel, look and cause.


These resources were created by Jessie; a Special Education Teacher who has worked in the field of Autism Education for almost 9 years. Jessie has taught children with autism from 2 to 18 years of age. She has worked with both verbal and non-verbal children, those with intellectual disabilities, ADHD, anxiety and complex challenging behaviours. Jessie’s resources are tried and tested in her own classroom