About us

About us

Acorn Educational was founded on the belief of affordable education for all!


As educators, we felt that the products we were looking for were not as available as we would like.

Not only were these products difficult to source, but they were also far too expensive for what we received. We aimed to change this. At Acorn Educational, we not only provide high-quality stationery, primary school resources, educational equipment and tools for teachers both new and old to succeed in the classroom, but for the best prices available!.


We pride ourselves on providing not only quality products for quality prices delivered to your doorstep!. Another huge aspiration for us is furthering education and learning by sharing our own professional experience and skills. We feature professionally made content with learning ideas, educational blog posts and special education resources on our Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Make sure to have a look!


We only stock products, resources and stationery that we would use in our classrooms.

A hugely important way we grow our store is from recommendations from our social media community! Teachers know what teachers want and we know that more than anyone. Check out some of our products below that have been recommended to us by educators in their area of expertise!