RTÉ Home School Hub

RTÉ Home School Hub

What is RTÉ Home School Hub?

The RTÉ Home School Hub describes itself as a “cross-platform teaching initiative for primary school kids across the country.” This means that it aims to help children across the country in learning from their homes, in different ways, across different subjects of the existing primary school curriculum.

New episodes are released daily from Monday to Friday at 11:00am lasting approximately one hour. Following the episode children are directed to possible activities which they may like to do, these activities can be found at www.rte.ie/learn. The activities are presented online in both English and Irish, giving the children the opportunity to further their learning in whichever language comes naturally to them (or are used to learning in).

There are three different teachers, all with links to RTÉ who present three segments aimed at 1st and 2nd class, 3rd and 4th class and 5th and 6th class. 

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How do I access the RTÉ Home School Hub and at what time?

The RTÉ Home School Hub can be accessed in several ways and on many devices.

  1. It can be viewed on RTÉ2 Monday to Friday on your television at 11:00am.
  2. It can be viewed live or as catch up on 'RTÉ Young Peoples' on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeGvPo46W6K3XgDDs-JB6UA. Here you can find all previous episodes also.
  3. All previous episodes can be viewed on RTÉ Player anytime at https://www.rte.ie/player/series/rt%C3%A9-home-school-hub/SI0000006854?epguid=IP000065950
  4. Use a smart device (smart phone, tablet, smart television etc.) to go onto www.rte.ie/learn. Here all previous episodes and activities can be found anytime.
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What is taught on the RTÉ Home School Hub?

A variety of subjects are taught on this programme, along with the core subjects English, Irish and Maths there are also activities available in the areas of History, Geography, Science, Physical Education (PE), Social Physical and Health Education (SPHE), Visual Arts, Music, Drama and even Irish Sign Language (ISL) how great is that!

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What else do I need to know?

RTÉ Home School Hub also suggests various competitions, articles, experiments and videos, which may also help focus your child’s energy. Featured content includes learning how to code, bringing Dublin Zoo to you, draw a comic challenge, learn how to write a song and how your immune system works among many more.

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