Storage Pockets for Chairs

Storage Pockets for Chairs

By allowing each child to store all their own equipment in their own personal chair pocket, it eliminates the need to distribute resources throughout the day, saving time. More importantly it avoids unnecessary movement around the classroom, reducing handling of items and close contact between pupils.

The pouch has three storage pockets – the large one holds workbooks, the small (left hand) one could hold a calculator, diary, pencils etc and the innovative insulated pocket is perfect for cool drinks. The padded seat back encourages children to sit upright comfortably in their chair rather than to slouch forwards.

The Classroom Storage Pocket has been developed with another unique and exciting use in mind. The modern curriculum focuses on active learning and taking lessons outdoors is increasingly important. It can be emptied and taken outside to sit on. It is weather proof and can be wiped clean quickly and easily. The integral padding makes it comfortable for sitting – ideal for active learning!

Teachers may choose to use it as a convenient way to distribute materials to each child or to help pupils organise items that they need to use throughout the day. Alternatively, teachers may let the pupils decide what goes into it – extra pupil storage never goes wrong. Either way, an uncluttered desk is the great advantage of this product. It is also incredibly neat against the chair so no additional classroom space is required.

Testing and Standards

For compliance with European Standards on Safety – the storage pocket has been tested and passed by test house SGS on the following sections -:

BSEN 71 – 1: 2005 – safety of physical and mechanical parts – PASS

BSSEN 71 – 2:2006 – flammability – PASS

BSEN71 – 3:1995 – toxicity – PASS

Pockets are guaranteed for a period of 6 months from purchase (subject to normal wear and tear).