Get Crafty, Mother’s Day Edition

Get Crafty, Mother’s Day Edition

Here’s a craft which is guaranteed to brighten up your Mother’s (or Grandmother’s, or another special person’s) day during these difficult times, we hope your child will have as much fun making them as we had in school (pre shut down).

Firstly you’ll need a pice of A4 white (or cream) card and fold it along the centre, creating your card. We folded it short end to short end to maximise the surface space. Next, you’ll need the poem. We printed it onto coloured paper and cut it into the shape of a vase but feel free to write it on for an added personal touch!

I’ve made some Mother’s Day flowers,

With my finger and my thumb,

So you’ll always have these memories,

For all the years to come.

Next, you’ll need to make the handprint which is used for the stems. It’s important not to have the fingers too widely opened or you’ll have no room for the petals. We smudged our hand in green paint and pressed it into the centre of the page. Alternatively, you could put the hand in place and trace around it, colouring the inside in green.

Now all that remains is making each flower. We put a spot of yellow or orange paint onto the top of each stem (finger) with our finger and then used different colours to add petals.

Once the paint has dried you can stick the pot with the poem into the bottom of the card and there you have it.

For and added bonus you could print off a colouring sheet from Twinkl by visiting They have a support page set up, enabling free use from home during these difficult times. In the search bar I simply typed ‘Mother’s Day Colouring’ and selected the 2 sheets per page printing option. We coloured the picture in and stuck it to the inside of the card before adding our message.