DIY Marble Run

DIY Marble Run

Time to let your creativity flow with this ‘Do It Yourself’ Marble Run. What a perfect way to keep the kids busy, engaged and mentally stimulated! Also, most households should have the supplies needed already around the house, bonus!

You will need:

  • Toilet Paper or Kitchen Paper Rolls
  • Tape
  • Marbles / Pom Poms / Bouncy Balls
  • Paper plates (not necessary but useful for extra swirls)
  • Wooden Blocks (not necessary but useful for support)
  • Paint (not necessary, just for decoration)

Firstly plan your marble maze. We went onto Pinterest to get some inspiration for how we’d like our maze to look. Check out some examples below!

Now all you have to do is cut your paper rolls and plates as planned, ensure to tape everything up well and paint if desired. Finally drop in your marble and watch it roll!

Why not have a race against a parent or sibling by dropping in two or three marbles of different colours and see which one makes it to the finish line first!